Super Slim Body Design

Super slim body Design
Ultra-narrow bezel and slim body design, with fashion and colorful metal gloss appearance design and limitless visual enjoyment, giving you breathtaking viewing experience.
Enjoy the awesome clarity of Full High Definition Television with a full 1080p resolution (1920x1080) and features 3-HDMI inputs for all your component devices. Enjoy sports or action movies or just your favorite television show in stunning clarity.

The use of High-efficient LED backlight couples with super bright panels can increase brightness by 15%.It can bring you into crisp, dynamic world. Using a special LED LCD panel capable of producing a wider color range, more than 98% of DCI standards, allows the Studio Master drive to deliver a more subtle, naturally toned color palette, still looks authentic even in darker, brighter or mixture scenes.

3D stereo sound
Advanced 3D stereo sound shocking to create the perfect entertainment and viewing experience to you.
It provides you a perfect family sound effect, letting you bring the shocking experience in a cinema back into home.

Our TV has a powerful stream media and it helps you read the audio and video files in your mobile devices at anytime. you can also browse your fascinating photos while enjoying music.
Smart TV has powerful identification and reading functions, like searching and downloading applications, surfing the internet, playing games, connecting wireless networking, after connection of internet, lots of movie and TV by your hands, you can enjoy your own cinema at home. This is much better choice for you


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