New Smart Interaction Festure

New Smart Interaction Festure

All PC, smart phones and flat computers with Android system can be connected wirelessly with TV.  the smart wireless connection of multi-screen devices can infinitely extend your feelings.   And you can use them to control the TV synchronously.

Smart TV will make your life much more convenient.

As soon as the TV turns on,  the information you interested is displayed.  You get quick, easy access to all broadcasting channels,  apps and connected devices.
You can select video-on demand,  catch-up TV,  games,  educational content and lots more,  through a wide range of apps.
It's a great way to relax in your living room with family and friends.

Smart TV has a powerful stream media and it helps you read the audio and video files in your mobile devices at anytime.   After connection of internet,  lots of movie and TV by your hands,  you can enjoy your own cinema at home.  you can also browse your fascinating photos while enjoying music.


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