ZHENGKE Joins Hands with SANSUI

speed and entered a period of deep adjustment. At this time, each and every fctory is searching for the possibility of overtaking at the next curve. Recently, Zhengke and Sansui(in China) have declared a strategic cooperation in sales and production of 4K Ultra HD and curve samrt TV, which has officially entered into force since November.

In the eyes of industrial insiders, the cooperation between Zhengke and Sansui is expected to strike the existing market pattern of LCD/LED TV in China, for one being an up-rising star in the home appliance market of China, the another being renowned an LCD/LED TV maker in china. Their cooperation mode will be a win-win breakthrough and reference meaning to the
household appliance industry of China which is striving for transformation, upgrade and internationalization.

According to the strategic cooperation agreement signed between ZHONGSHAN ZHENGKE HOME APPLIANCE CO., LTD. and Sansui, both parties will carry

out a long-term strategic cooperation in the domestic and overseas market, including sales, product development, supply chain and lean manufacturing of  4K Ultra HD and curve samrt TV.
It is reported that both sides will cooperate in product development. In the earlier period, Zhengke will plan the products based on the market demand of China, while Sansui will develop the products according to the product functions planned by Zhengke. The 4K Ultra HD and curve samrt TV jointly rolled out by both   parties will be put onto the market in February next
year. In the future, with the deepening of the cooperation, they will also cooperate in the fields such as core technologies,key parts and components and develop new products together.

The successful promotion of SANSUI high-end TV products such as LCD, DLED, ELED has enabled SANSUI color TV to become a high-end brand. While accumulating some high-end household users, it has also further solidified its status as a leading brand of the industry. Besides, ZHENGKE has begun the layout for smart home. Its SMART TV operation platform has become more mature.
And a smart home ecological circle, integrating the industries of color TV, SMALL KITCHEN appliance has taken its initial

The industrial insider expressed, in the future the cooperation between ZHENGKE and SANSUI is full of potential. if ZHENKE purchases LCD/LED TV
business of SANSUI in China, then ZHENGKE will be able to operate with two brands in the market of China and quickly expand the scale of its production and sales.


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